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Don Rosa:
> Yes, there IS a long adventure story that I did especially for
> Norway's "Year of the Book" which WILL have some alternate panels
> when/if used by Gladstone. But... how did anyone KNOW about all
> that??? Did I pop off about it somewhere? I don't recall...

We have ways of knowing things like that...

Well, actually I heard about it from Stefan.  If he had heard it from
you or seen it at work I don't know.  Does it have a title?

> And yes, I will ask Gladstone to make some small changes in the
> "Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" when they use it; probably just
> dialogue changes. The biggest one involves part 3 where (...)

Yeah, I know what the continuity errors were, I just didn't want to
say too much of the stories for the majority who haven't read them.

> I hope readers will point out other goofs so I can correct them,
> too, in future printings.

Warning!  Warning!  You'd better beware of doing that!
Don is reported to have written the following about a young Swedish
Donaldist who reported on some continuity error in a Rosa comic:
"That XXX is too sharp for his own good.  We may have to kill him."


> (...) yes, Disney comics licensees do pay a minimal fee when they
> wish to reprint a story, the fee to cover the cost of the photostats
> shipped to them by the story's producer or archiver, 99% of the time
> which is Egmont. Not even Disney ever bothered to keep copies of the
> old comic stories since they had so little concern for something as
> lowly as funnybooks; Dell and Egmont/Gutenberghus were the
> archivers.

I guess it must be part of the deal for licensees to have to archive
all their stories, as some other licensee might want it, but what
happens when they lose their license agreement with Disney?  When the
Scandinavians reprinted Gladstone's (AR) stories, did they get them
from Gladstone, and was Gladstone really obliged to still archive them
and send them?  And what about the comics produced at the Disney
Studios for the foreign market?  Would it be possible for Gladstone to
get those from Disney if they'd like some of them and knew the codes?
(I'm thinking about recommending some of those stories never printed
in the USA for Gladstone, if they'd be interested.)
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