David Gerstein's New E-Mail Address

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Sun May 23 23:42:30 CEST 1993

        Dear Folks,

        I'll be going home from college for the summer starting
Tuesday.  For the next month, home means New Hampshire, as my dad
wraps up a sabbatical at Dartmouth (where he's teaching mathematics).
I'll be going down to his office a lot, so that's where any E-mail you
have for me should be sent.

        Disregarding the address that MacIP will stick on the top of
this letter, my E-Mail address from now on is:

        Larry.J.Gerstein at Dartmouth.edu

        It will remain thus until I tell you otherwise.  Sending stuff
to Williamstown for me will essentially get nowwhere.

        Thanks a lot, folks.

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