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Fredrik Ekman d91fe at ide.ide.hk-r.se
Thu May 27 15:06:25 CEST 1993

Don Rosa:
>The only possibility for the Peeweegah story to be in English is if they 
>use it at Fleetway in England (which Egmont now owns). ... Even if Fleetway 
>were to use it (which seems unlikely, as it was a 27 pager), I doubt they'll 
>take much care using my dialogue since Fleetway seems to treat the comics as if

>they were for 2-year-olds (as I sometimes think the Swedish editors do).

I actually visited England last weekend, and despite a long and hard search,
I only saw one single Disney title; a weekly Mickey Mouse something. And
also, you're right about the Swedish editors, at least regarding the weekly
Kalle Anka & Co and the monthly Musse Pigg & Co and a few other titles. I
have the impression that editors throughout Scandinavia has the same odd
idea that Disney comics are for kids. Thus, of course, they produce only
Disney comics that actually _are_ for kids. And as Egmont (or companies
owned by Egmont) has the exclusive rights to Disney comics in several
countries around the world, including England, it's probably a safe guess
that they export their views on comics to those countries.

Then still; the Peeweegah story _has_ been seen in Scandinavia, and with
the above reasoning fresh in mind, there should thus certainly be possible
that it is published by Fleetway as well. Especially since, in Scandinavia,
it was published as a three-part continuing story. And judging from the
looks of it, it was originally written as such(?). As for the dialogue, why 
would they bother changing it, when that would only mean extra costs?
Fleetway, like Gladstone, is after all one of the few Disney publishers that
doesn't have to bother about any translations.

Is there anyone from England on this list?

>There was another comment about how I would want to be listed in some 
>list of names or addresses or archives or something. I don't know what 
>that was about ...

I don't know if that refers to my question about people wanting me to send
my International Names list out to you or just put it on the FTP archive.
I simply forgot that you haven't been with us long enough to receive the
first version of that list. It is nothing more than a list of translations 
of a lot of Disney character names, and the reason that I asked is that it
is rather long. Remembering that you had previously stated an opinion that
you didn't want long messages included in the digests, and since Per won't
leave anything out of them, I simply assumed that you wouldn't want it in
one of your digests. So it didn't have anything specifically to do with your
own name. :)

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