Digest #30

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Thu May 27 15:04:26 CEST 1993

	COMMENTS to digest #XXX:

	I don't think Egmont has a company policy of compelling their various publishers to treat the readerships in various countries as 
if they were 2 year olds -- that's the decision of each individual publisher/editor. Actually, I can GUARANTEE that Egmont has no
 such corporate attitude now that Byron Erickson and Bob Foster are the two top decision makers in the main Disney-Egmont office! 
It's my attitude that the way to treat the readers is as a mixed group: some features for the younger readers, and some features 
(like MY overly-complex, eye-burning stories) for the older readers. And that is how the Norwegian editor, Svein-Erik Soland, 
handles his version of the weekly. Too bad all the Egmont publishers aren't as good as the Norwegian and Finnish ones. The Danish 
one doesn't seem too bad, but that Swedish one seems to have no regard for the readers (doing such things as printing my "Life of 
$crooge" series beginning with chapter 3 and not caring that the whole shebang will not make much sense to anyone as a result). 
Of course, I can't READ any of them, so this is all just based on my impressions of the situation.

	Oh, and I don't think anyone needs to worry (if they ARE) any longer about what being connected to this Internet is costing me! 
The length of the mail is not such a problem (though I'd personally still rather not see indexes or long contests included since I 
just skip those parts). After Internet, my COMPUSERVE bill jumped to $20-$30 per week!!! But when I finally got through to them on 
their busy 800 number line, I found there was a different standard membership option that I didn't know about -- I switched to that 
and now my connect-charges are back to what they were in the old days. So I'm all fixed up.

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