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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri May 28 05:57:15 CEST 1993

> The file disney.index.z appears to be corrupt at the
> ftp site.  I tried twice to download (in binary) and uncompress it, but
> both times failed.
[and later he says the same about other compressed files there as well.]

I didn't do anything, but I guess someone else enforced the new
compress policy at on those files, that is to use
the GNU compress program gzip on them instead of compress.

gzip creates files with names ending in ".z", not ".Z" as the usual
compress.  The corresponding uncompress program is gunzip.  If you
don't have gunzip, it's still possible to have the uncompressing done
before you transfer the file, so you could have asked for the file
"disney.index" even though only "disney.index.z" was listed to get it
gunzipped at the remote site.

(I'm leaving town for a few days now, so any list management duties
won't be done until Tuesday.  CU later!)
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