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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Fri May 28 09:52:56 CEST 1993

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Per wrote:
> (I'm leaving town for a few days now, so any list management duties
> won't be done until Tuesday.  CU later!)

I've been wondering how the Digests are compiled: do you have a program
for that, or do you collect the mails manually? (If the latter, then this
mail won't appear in a digest before tuesday...)

And about our archives at the ftp-site: there are new versions coming up
of the Gladstone list and the Disney Comics list. Next week!
(BTW: we could still use volunteers to fill in gaps in the lists. If you want
to do some indexing, contact me: I'm coordinating this.)

A question for Don Rosa
I have been wondering about this for a while: in the first USA reprint of
the story "Return to Xanadu", the story is split up into 2 episodes. The
first page of the 2nd episode is an extract of the 1st episode. I recognize
some of the panels on this page, but some of the panels don't seem to
appear anywhere else in the story.
Don: did you draw that 'introductory' page especially for Disney Comics?


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