Low list-activity

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Tue Nov 2 13:25:16 CET 1993

"Sudden drop in the activity in these digests, and just *why* is to me,
unknown." ...said David; while Mark figured it's because Don is out of town...

Yeah... or maybe everyone's boss came in, and demanded that SOMETHING else be
done SOMETIMES at least...?! Apart from writing to the list, I mean...

I suppose most of us have access through some kind of "official" computer, at
work or in school or at some university department? Or does a lot of you folks
have to pay up personally, like Don does?

Jes' curious, is all.

Here's one more debate-bait, for anyone who needs something to talk about on
the list: Geir said that he considered Barks was for comics what Shakespeare
was for the drama and Dickens for the novel... I'm not at all sure that I
agree, at least not until that statement is more substantiated. WHY do you
think that, Geir? Does the rest of you agree with Geir, and if - why? Isn't
there quite a few cartoonists that might qualify equally or better than Barks
for that kind of honor? Or did Geir use the Shakespeare/Dickens comparison not
in the literal/literary sense, but in the usual
I-wanna-price-this-guy-highly-so-I'll-compare-him-to-Shakespeare, "this man is
the Rolls-Royce of comics", meaning?

Jes' curious, is all!


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