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Here's my two balonian nickels:

Yes, Geir, comic strips and cartoons were not aimed primarily at
children, but comic *books* were, just like Mattias said.  It doesn't
matter that they *reprinted* items originally read (perhaps mostly) by
adults.  That has been extremely common in children's literature as

> 50 years ago they didnt have the chasm between childrens entertainment and
> adult entertainment which you have today.

There has been a division between entertainment for children and
adults for several hundred years now, and I would say there's been
such a "chasm" for over a hundred years.  Certainly Disney comic books
have always been aimed almost exclusively for children (until
Gladstone took over).  I'm not sure what you mean by saying that
"children or adults didn't exist (almost) in Barks's formative years".
It's like Barks's formative years was in the Middle Ages or something.
We're talking about rather contemporary stuff here!

> And since you dont seem to know it - the reason for censoring four of the
> five pages of Back to the Klondike was that the sexual undertones were too
> clear. I dont remember where I read that now but I have it in my archive so
> I could try to find the reference. The fifth page was censored because
> Scrooge actually did something unlawful.

I don't know what what kind of references there could be that would
tell for sure why or why not something was censored.  Barks himself
has written that "the sequence was cut becaus of violence and dance
hall atmosphere", but of course, he wasn't the one who cut it out.

> Have you [Don] ever thought of calling the girl scouts Junior
> Woodchicks? Excuse me if the pun is bad or if it has been used
> before, but I couldnt resist it.

But they already have a name!  They're The Littlest Chickadees.

> I just got Barkses schedule in the mail for his visit to Europe next year.
> Do you want me to print it in the list or have you all got the info some
> way?

I don't have it.  I don't think NAFS(k) has it at all.  John Nicholson
was going to send it to us, but because of some reason he didn't want
to fax it, so we'll have to wait for the mail I think.  Please post
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