$crooge in Sweden

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Fri Nov 5 09:40:33 CET 1993

Someone, I think Harry Fluks, asked about $crooge's visit to Sweden in a Barks
comic; it's in "King Solomon's Mines", where $crooge on his world tour to
inspect his businesses also spends an entire panel's worth of time in Sweden to
"Inspect his glassware factories". Which does indeed make sense - Sweden IS
fairly well known for high quality glass ware, not least so among American

In the Swedish translation (Where "Farbror Joakim" is supposed to live in
Sweden in the first place already), the translator has him visit the Swedish
region "Sm}land" instead, which actually from that perspective makes equal
sense, since Sm}land is one of the major centers of Swedish glass production,
since the 18th century even.

Mattias Hallin

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