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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Nov 17 10:43:10 CET 1993

Ole wrote:

> SORRY, HARRY (Guardians of the List Library)

I like that name: Per, Fredrik and I are the Guardians of the List Library.
Fredrik guards the files 'interlingual' and 'van-horn', I do the 
'creators' file and the Gladstone-Disney indexes, and Per the rest...

I've been playing with ideas for new formats of the indexes for a while,
but I can't find the time to work it out and discuss it here...

> Oh yes, I'm also sorry that I mailed some updates to you while you were
> away.

That was no problem at all: the files just waited until I was back. The 
problem is, that I can't READ the files because my computer can't decypher
the format (apparently uuencoded+zipped, but when running 'uudecode', is
says 'short file').

> You are
> not seriously suggesting to decrypt my notes in Danish and type them?!

I once stated, and I'll state it again:

	I will type in (and make available) any Disney comics index I can
	get, if:
	- the language is readable
	- the overlap with existing indexes is not too much.
	- the copyright of that index is not too much violated

> Danish isn't that different from Dutch either.

But they are not quite the same. I would have some problems reading a
Danish index, but that wouldn't stop me from typing in something like
Det Store Index...

> NEW RELEASES (Wish you were here)
> Donald Duck Daily Strips 1941

The years 1938-1940 were also reprinted in Holland. Some of them even in

> Argento.



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