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Hello everyone, LONG TIME NO ANYTHING!!...

       Sorry, I haven't kept up with my posts, but it's been a *VERY*
difficult semester this time!  This maybe my last one for awhile so, I'll get
on with it!..  (WRT some of the post in: Disney-comics digests #158-159.)

First off to (*IF* you can see this!):
Tom Johnston <tpjg9663 at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu> 
Horace G. Mitchell <hmitchel at vlasov.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Travis L Searls <tlsearl0 at corp890.wcc.com>
Jeff A. Williams <jw at elvis.b11.ingr.com>

       Welcome aboard!.. because Per is usually very busy maybe Harry,
Torsten or somebody else can handle your initiation!   >;-D

Now on to this one:
> Subject: Rosa rebuked in Germany... by whom?

David A. Gerstein said:
>      The German article making gross generalizations and
> out-and-out misrepresentations of Don Rosa's work came as a real
> shock.  What's more, Don mentioned that he thought he knew who was
> behind it.  The now-infamous Grandeys?  *Who*?

Don Rosa said:
> David:
>    Yes... you are correct when you guess WHO I think is behind the
> instigation of the German article. Same force as was behind Lustig's
> letter in CBG. That force is also objecting to Egmont for how much
> publicity I get in Europe.

       As many of you know I have been a Rosa fan even before he was doing
Disney Comics'.  And I get pretty fed up with all these so called "know-it-
alls" who continually *TRASH* him!

>      To be 100% fair, I noticed a bit of resemblance to R. Crumb's
> stuff in the very earliest Rosa stories, [...]

       Hmmmmm?.. I've never made that connection!  Interesting, however I not
too sure about Don work having any resemblance to that of R. Crumb's!.. want
do you think, Don??

>      The complaints about Rosa in this article are virtually
> identical to the few anti-Rosa letters I saw in the old Gladstone
> comics.  (I saw no anti-Rosa letters in Disney's comics, although
> there were a great deal of anti-Van-Horn letters.)  Nothing new under
> the sun.

>    Oh, I don't mind for an instant when a reviewer objects to my
> art style or to the whole idea of this Lo$ or my sequels in general!
> That's a legitimate expression of opinion, and an opinion I agree with
> more than not! I HATE my artstyle! However, what I DO object to is the
> malicious twisting of facts and outright lies which this article deals
> in for no conceivable reason. Why would anyone do this? I can only guess
> based on other things I see going on that I'm not completely at liberty
> to discuss.

       YES, unfortunately this is the case most of the time!  I don't see why
people can't just let Don do what he loves doing with out always telling him
that: "You Sir, are NO Barks!"  Who cares, who is anyway?!?  They don't
ridicule Van Horn or any of the rest, so why do they consistently devour you
(Don) alive???  Oh, and Don, I think it has little to do with your artwork!!

>      But when Don's style has matured so greatly from its original
> feel (I'd say that perhaps the Crumb-like feeling is strongest in
> "Nobody's Business"), it doesn't surprise me that these letters are
> fewer now.  Undoubtedly this very one-sided article is a last stand
> from those who *don't* like Rosa.  I'm not one of this party.
> [SNIP!]
>      I don't think that the authors of that article would have
> liked the version of Scrooge's biography that Disney might have done
> had Don not taken up the project.  If they don't like the LO$, they
> don't know how much worse it could be.

       Don's style can't help but to mature over time, as a fellow artist I
know from experience that if you work on anything long enough you naturally
get better at it and continually improve!

       Anyways, If somebody knows ANY REASON WHY, *please* post it to the

Your concerned fan and friend,


Gil Milburn <gilbert at unix.campbellsvil.edu>

"Hello.  My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father; prepare to die!" 

P.S.  Can *anyone* SEE this?!?!?!?..

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