Life of Scrooge #3

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Fri Nov 19 16:00:20 CET 1993

Fantastisch!  Unglaublich!  Ausgezeichnet!

In der naehe von  (whoops, sorry.)

There is a bookstore near the library where I work that sells German
periodicals.  I discovered this fact last September, and I inquired if it
was possible for them to order Mickey Maus Magazine.  They could, but it
would be a few weeks, and I left my phone number so that they could tell
me when they would come in.  Well, I had heard nothing, so last Monday,
during my lunch break, I decided to go and see if they had received any. 
Man-oh-man!  They had two months worth of weeklies there!  I thumbed
through the various copies, and discovered, simply by your fantastic style
(I wonder if the coloring and paper had anything to do with it?), chapter
three of Lo$.  So, overjoyed, I bought this and the anniversary issue of
Mickey Mouse for $2.50 each.  I was greatly surprised at the gimmicks
inside.  The Uncle Scrooge issue had a fossil kit (plastic mold and
cement) in the middle, and the anniversary issue had a Mickey Mouse pin. 

So, during my afternoon coffee break, I sat down and started translating
what I could as I read.  Don, this is the first time I have laughed out
loud at a Disney comic book.  Not that the other stories weren't funny,
but I think the process of translating and then realizing the joke made it
even more humorous.  Especially the line about politics.

One question.  Towards the end of the story, is that location Toadstool
National Park?  Or is it someplace generic?  The ranching scenery of
endless grass and snow looks a lot like western Nebraska, and the
Sandhills actually extend into Nebraska. I hope Scrooge actually set foot
in Nebraska, but if not, well, no problem.  Mark Twain didn't think too
highly of Omaha when he visited, so I wouldn't be surprised if U$ bypassed
Nebraska.  Of course, if he wants to raise cattle, there is no place
better than Nebraska.   (This paragraph paid for by the Nebraska Tourism

BTW, I have discovered an interesting fact.  The Smithsonian has in its
possession the nugget which started the California Gold Rush.  Any chance
of Scrooge and company hunting for this?  

I look forward to the other eleven chapters!  
Heck!  I look forward to anything from you!  Got any blueprints you want to
sell?  (and what do you think of the architecture at Disney's corporate

Torsten Adair	torsten at	Omaha, NE, USA

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