pun in LOS

Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Tue Nov 23 07:44:02 CET 1993

SPOILER ALERT!!!  (I suppose; I haven't read LOS yet either!)

Jon C. Lorentzen writes:
> I believe I managed to discover a pun in the African part of the series,
> that was totally lost in the translation. I'm talking about
> when Scrooge helps Gloomheart up on his cart, Gloomheart says something
> like (Translated from Norwegian) "I am a Boer" and Scrooge answers
> "I'm sure I've met worse".
Now if instead of Gloomheart, the speaker had just been Angus McSwine,
then Scrooge could have responded "And I'm a duck!"   :)

(Yes, this does bring to mind the enormously wealthy and famously named
Miss Ima Hogg of Houston, Texas, who was indeed very much a real-life
person.  Just goes to show that sometimes the real world is stranger
than the comics...)

Wilmer Rivers

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