Identification in the Wild West

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> Don and Bror!

> Just some words on the identity of this "guy" in Lo$3. I think the problem is not 
> that Europeans (like Bror) have the wrong opinion on the (right) guy, but that Bror 
> may have the right opinion of the wrong guy. 

Nope, I don't think so.

> In other words, if I am correct (and I may be wrong) Bror har mistaken the
> for another one, more concerned with exterminating large animals on the plains, 
> Wild West Circuses and Sitting Bulls, not to mention his long beard and bandit 
> mustache, than with politics, environmentalism or liberating islands. 

Nope, I don't think William owed a ranch or hugged bears.

I was referring to this passage:

"In 1883 at the age of 24, *BEEP* stepped off a train in Little Missouri (later
called Medora) in the heart of Dakota. He'd come to join the hunt for the last
buffalo. He wet back East soon after his huting trip was over."

On the other hand I like THIS passage better:

"He also wore glasses ad was called "Four Eyes" by other Westerners until, with
a single punch, he knocked out an obnoxious, gun-toting drunkard who made the
mistake of stepping within reach of *BEEP*'s right."

Died in 1919 if I dont remember completely wrong.

	Steamboat Willie


... Does The Little Mermaid wear an algebra?


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