Want ole Rosa issues?.. talk to Harry.

Mark Semich mas at cs.bu.edu
Fri Sep 3 04:23:12 CEST 1993

>From: Gilbert Milburn <gilbert at unix.campbellsvil.edu>
>> From: Harry Fluks <H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl>
>> [...] I certainly will buy several copies of War of the 
>> Wendigo when I see them! Also, all other Rosa comic stories that
>> are not reprinted in the USA. Don says they'll start with Life of
>> Scrooge in December, so we'll just see about that.
>     Now REMEMBER, poor Harry is ONLY one man and can't find back
>issues for you and everyone you know!!  However, for toughs TRUE
>Rosa fans out there, across America -- who want there very own copy
>of the "War of the Wendigo" (in Dutch) then, Harry is the man to

Any chance of anyone picking up the Fleetway "Life of Scrooge" when it
comes out?  I'd gladly pay much money for it (or the issues, whichever
way it's being printed).  I may be going to England in January, but I
hear that by that time, the series will have started in the U.S.  Is
the Fleetway thing going to be one big volume, or individual issues?

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