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Fri Sep 3 22:39:34 CEST 1993

     Here's some different reposes to various posts

Mark on Fleetway comix
> Any chance of anyone picking up the Fleetway "Life of Scrooge"
> when it comes out?  I'd gladly pay much money for it (or the 
> issues, whichever way it's being printed).  I may be going to 
> England in January, but I hear that by that time, the series 
> will have started in the U.S.  Is the Fleetway thing going to 
> be one big volume, or individual issues?

     I've often wondered if we have any (lurking) British members
of the list and if we don't maybe Torsten knows of some on the
other list he is on who would either join or know how to help us!

To Harry about that Rosa comix post
Harry said:
> What is this? Sending PRIVATE mail to people it wasn't meant 
> for? 

     OPPS!.. sorry Harry.  I thought I RECOLLECTED (or *maybe* I
JUST ASSUMED) that you spoke about that business on here before -
with Don and whoever else had any interest.  I was ONLY trying to
*add* to that which, I had believed to have been kicked around in
PAST discussions!

Harry again:
> Well, actually, this is what I had in mind:
> - When (or IF) I find Dutch copies for War of the Wendigo, I 
> will buy as many as possible, and THEN offer them to whoever 
> wants them. I'm not saying that I DO find those copies, 
> though...

     This is what I'm was trying to INDICATE above...

> - The "other Rosa comic stories" will see print in the USA, so
> I think it's wasting time to get the Dutch issues only a few 
> months earlier.  Gilbert explicitly asked for them though, so 
> I'll buy some for him IN TRADE for some Rosa stuff I don't 
> have.
     I was EXCLUSIVELY (well, more or less!) referring to the:
"War of the Wendigo" book by Don that will NEVER be seen inside
the _U.S. of A._ by the Gladstone-fans! 

Geir Hasnes on Barks
     When I had said something to this effect: "UNLESS, Geir
Hasnes knows Maybe of somethings that maybe the rest of us
don't..."  I had know Idea he'd know ALL of the intricate and
miniature details/facts which he reported on last time!

Geir remarked:  
> [...] - He felt very annoyed when he saw how Disney earned 
> money on  the reprints and he didnt. - He has many times said 
> he felt that he was used by Disney, and is consequently angered
> and bitter.
> - The fans of course cheated Barks when they bought original 
> art from him just to sell for ten times as much the next day. 
> Barks began to understand that the art had a value, so he began
> selling it himself for market value.

     Hey, Barks is not the only one who gets ripped-off, by the
fans and by Disney (*RIGHT, Don??* =) 

> [...] Don is the first one to have a reputation actually built
> on Barkses own work.

     This is NOT a *fair* statement towards Don, who is above
reproach as far as his honesty and love for the classic Bark
adventures, which is only reason he is doing the work NOW!!
Don has even said so *MANY TIMES* himself (on here at book-
signings, conventions, various news articles and even on radio!)
so, what's Barks' `beef'?!?

> - Barks is 92 years old.
> - Barks wanted to live alone, away from Disney.
> [...]
> * The only thing we can do is to continue to love Barks, and 
> not do anything about his attacks and feverish attempts to 
> direct money and fame to him.
> [...]
> * We can continue to tell him that we love him and his creation
> and nothing he does now can take away the impression that he 
> once was the greatest storyteller of our youth and that he is a
> part of 20th century literature for all time. 
> * And let us for Gods sake not attack him. He has not got many
> years left to live. He will probably never understand our love.
> He panicks about, to grab money just as Scrooge when the money
> floats away from him. Let us view that as the pitiful reaction
> of an old man who has been exploited most of his life and didnt
> understand it until recently that something could be done with
> it.

     WE will go on being his faithful/loyal fans.  Although,
Barks' has NO BIGGER FAN then that of Don Rosa!  I don't feel it
fair or right to let Don get lost-in-the-shuffle while we're ALL
suppose to be trying to defend Barks!! 

> * Have mercy with him.

We will, but remember I also said: "WE should also wait and see
what happens!!"

That's it,

Gil Milburn <>

P.S.  It's currently raining like MAD in Campbellsville (with lot's of
lightning!!!)... hope this makes it!

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