Barks, Scaninavia, etc.

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Sep 15 00:45:58 CEST 1993

I haven't entered this discussion at all (mostly because I haven't
entered *any* discussions here for awhile, as I've been busy with
other things).

Thanks to Geir for his long and thoughtful message on Barks in this
thread, which I think explains most of his current affairs.  BTW, I
have never even considered trying to contact Barks in any way, and
that goes for almost all Donaldists here I know of (except for sending
one joint greeting card for his birthday each year).  When I joined
Swedish duckdom (in 1982) word had already been for some years that
Barks got too much fan mail and didn't like it as it took away time
from doing other things.

As much as I agree with most of it I don't see how this possible
Scandinavia trip in any way would be part of some conspiracy directed
against Don, though.  Evidently Egmont has tried to get Barks over
here for some years now, and maybe they'll succeed now as he is more
prone to travel now that Gare has died.  Scandinavia, Holland, and
maybe Germany are somewhat natural candidates as the market for Barks
stuff is great here.
--       "
Per Starback, Uppsala, Sweden.  email: starback at
 "a man who never seemed to have time or money for a vacation, whose
  life was continuous and seemingly monotonous labor, paid piece-rate
  at a level which never permitted him to save, who never had and
  never sought an adventure, who never traveled abroad and little in
  the United States (only into the California and Oregon forests), who
  lived in other words, something of the life of the `average' U.S.
  worker (a life presumably shared by the parents of many of his
  readers)---this man wrote ceaselessly about a world of constant
  leisure, where `work' was defined as consumption, the exotic
  exploit, and fierce competition to avoid work, to which end wealth
  flowed freely from all quarters of the globe."
			(David Kunzle in the introduction to the
			English translation of How to Read Donald
			Duck, here quoted from Barrier's book)

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