Jim Fletcher and Books.

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Thu Sep 16 18:43:28 CEST 1993

Per (to me):
> So you never got Becattini's Dell Index?

Nope. Maybe Fabio can ask the Al Fumetto Shop about it, whenever he is in
the neighbourhood of Firenze? 8-)

> Well, I know nothing about Jim Fletcher except what is said in that
> book so I can't say anything about his drawing style, but he did many
> of the Mim & Magica stories, so he might be the one you're looking
> for.  Becattini writes (...)

This must be the person I had in mind. I coded his work 'v68' in my Dutch
comics index. And the fact that he did one story for Gold Key explains
why one of the Dutch reprints (63-17) has that weird Gold Key comic page

> I think we mentioned his name here before when this very text was our
> source for Molly's English name.

Could this be in a private discussion? I don't remember the name Molly...

> BTW, what about starting an archive list about all the books ON
> Disney comics? It would be very interesting, I think...

> Sure.  Here is an incomplete beginning, not very consistently set out:
> Of course there are more, but it's still a pretty finite amount of
> books.  A bibliography that would include items from magazines would
> be something else altogether...

Anyone interested in Dutch books/magazines?


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