+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #103.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Sep 20 00:40:22 CEST 1993

Answering questions:
	When does Gladstone start using my LIFE AND TIMES OF $CROOGE
MCDUCK and same for my "Winter Olympics" story? The LIFE OF $CROOGE will
be used in the first issue of UNCLE $CROOGE of 1994, whatever that is
and whenever it comes out, January of February. I guess the same goes
for the Olympics story, but it's not much to wait for.
	What advice do I have for comic fans approaching
"professionals"... I assume at a show/convention? I guess Torsten
covered the song and dance I hear the show promotors offer. I think the
only problem I have are with how to deal with stupid questions without
being sarcastic... but then, I have trouble dealing with ANYTHING
without being sarcastic since I don't consider sarcasm to be
automatically mean-spirited. For example, to the question "Which do you
do first... write the story or draw it?" (which I am asked very
frequently), I always answer "First I do all the artwork, filling a few
dozen pages with haphazard drawings... then I go back and think up a
story that will fit the random illustrations." This usually satisfies
the questioner. Another good one I'm asked several times per year by
some creep who doesn't know his head from a hole inna ground and is
simply trying to get a "collectible" autograph for resale takes the form
of the guy (usually an older flea-market dealer or such) plopping a 1962
Dell DONALD DUCK on my table and asking me to sign it; I'll look at him
and say, "Pal, I was 11 years old when this comic was published!" And
he'll say, "Uh-huh.... (pause)..... does that mean you didn't draw it?"
I am not exaggerating either of these incidents.
	Anyway, I can't think of many suggestions for MY fans since, as
Duck fans, they're usually older and vastly more sophisticated than the
typical American comic book zombie anyway.
	This doesn't apply to anyone on here who, as has been suggested,
is intimidated by my presence. This is good because I'll bite your
@#$%&?* head off if you have the audacity to post a message on here. And
don't forget it!

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