+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #106.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Sep 22 07:40:26 CEST 1993

For Steve Back:
	Hey, I don't mind someone disagreeing with me! And it's also
unfair to say I look askance at all groups except MY FANS... that's not
a very large group and since I don't care for my own work that much, I
think I look a bit askance at them, too.
	But I do know that I've met many types of Disney fans and I've
watched these hobbies develop from how they were in the mid-60s to what
they are like and who they attract nowadays, and I don't think I'm off
the mark. I wish I could demonstrate by waving my hand and making all
Disney toys and comics and artwork and ANIMATION CELS worthless as of
(bing) now... and we'll see how many "fans" show up at the next
convention. I wish I could do the same for all old comics -- and, heck,
ALL hobbies based on used goodies everywhere. And I'd restore the way of
things to the pre-Price-Guide era when the only collectors of this or
that were the people with an honest interest.
	Then I'd start working on all the housewives who think Chip 'n'
Dale are "just the cutest things". Bwah-ha-ha-ha!
	But I'll back down and say I've never been to a Disneyana
convention... I've only talked to all the Disneyana collectors and
dealers that spread out through all the flea markets and comic shows and
Sotheby's auctions of the country. So they are not representative of the
folks at a Disneyana convention? How so?

	The balloon in "Voodoo Hoodoo" was not in the form of your note.
It wasn't "Hey, Bop! Bop, what is...". It was "Hey, Bop, Bop! What
is..." That seems clear that the fellas name is "Bop Bop" or (for
whatever reason) "Bop, Bop". I guess the reason that I need to bounce
around such trivia is that I might have needed to use that guy (?) in my
"Life" series, at which time it would have become very important to
figure this out!
	And, Harry, there's nothing wrong with your English! If my
wife's high school students could only read or write English as well as
you, we'd be in good (better) shape. That's right -- as a group, I look
askance at semi-literates.

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