Uncle Scrooge

Mark Semich mas at cs.bu.edu
Wed Sep 22 20:57:49 CEST 1993

Well, I already mailed off a rant on the state of the comic book
industry (for which I apologize if it seemed a bit *too* rantish..),
and the question that I'm going to ask in this message may seem
somewhat silly, but I assume that the more traffic in disney-comics,
the better. :-)

When I first read Uncle Scrooge comics in my youth, I heard Scrooge in
my head with an American accent.  Now that Disney has decreed that
Scrooge has a Scottish accent (and has produced films in which
Scrooge has this accent), I've actually started to "hear" Scrooge
with the occasionaly Scottish accent when I read the comics.
Sometimes I am surprised by this, as I still remember Scrooge with his
old voice.

I'd be curious to know how Don Rosa and other people involved with the
comic book think of Scrooge's accent, and if there is a general

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