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Dear fellow subscribers,

Last time in Disney-comics digest #107:
> Date: Wed, 22 Sep 93 14:57:49 -0400
> From: mas at cs.bu.edu (Mark Semich)
> Subject: Uncle Scrooge

> Well, I already mailed off a rant on the state of the comic book industry
> (for which I apologize if it seemed a bit *too*  rantish..), and the 
> question that I'm going to ask in this  message may seem somewhat silly, 
> but I assume that the more traffic in disney-comics, the better. :-)
     Mark, this is NOT a silly question!  I once asked this same question to
Don, a few years ago and he amusing/interesting.  He said: "I've never had
anyone ask me that before!" 
Torsten [about $crooges accent]:
> When I read the comic book, I don't "hear" the characters' voices.  Donald
> does not spit or lisp (?) when he speaks, Scrooge has a normal American
> voice, and HDL do not sound like children.
     I *sometimes* "hear" the voices of the character in the stories that I
read.  Like: SMAUG "The Great and Terrible" (the Red Dragon, from J.R.R.
Tolkien's _The Hobbit_) "sounds" nothing like $crooge McDuck, in my mind!  

> I'd be curious to know how Don Rosa and other people involved 
> with the comic book think of Scrooge's accent, and if there is a 
> general preference...
     I could tell you what Don told me... but, I let him do that himself!..

> Scrooge did appear in a few educational Disney shorts in the fifties or
> sixties.  I don't know what his accent was.
     Yes, he did at that, but don't forget about DuckTales!.. sorry Don!
Mark I like your signature, it pretty funny!  I am also glad to see a few
*NEW* names in the the contents of this list/digest keep up the good work


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