Hi everybody...

Lasse Reichstein Nielsen lrn at daimi.aau.dk
Thu Sep 23 17:08:55 CEST 1993

All right, I'll face front...

Hi.  I'm Ole Reichstein Nielsen, or just ROC (thats COMMANDER ROC to you!).
I'm that other Dane; you've already heard from Jan Lund Thomsen (Yo, Cute:)
I just got on your list, or more precisely, my brother Lasse does the up'n'down
loading for me, so it'll probably be his tag, LRN, you'll see on my mail.
Glad to be here.

I'm 28 and-then-some and started collecting ducks long before I could read.
I did my first index in '78 and it took another couple of years before I found
out that it should be titled 'Barks'. Following a dark age in Danish Anders And
& Co., I got the feeling that I'd seen just about all the Barks stories, and it
was getting too easy, with Gladstone filling the few remaining holes.
Anyway I couldn't afford it. The last one I bought was US224, then I quit.

Then in the autumn of '91 I picked up the Danish autumn-double-issue, and found
that the special wasn't a couple of old Barks' 10-pagers or Milton's stuff from
Holland, which had been the rule in these seasonal extras, but in fact a dead
good story from that guy who did Son of the Sun (Yo, Don:) I remembered that!
Not only that, the story was credited!! Biggest news since Donald's blouse got
blue stripes instead of yellow back in '83!

So for the next couple of mondays you could find me browsing the latest issue
at the local K-Mart. Three issues later War of the Wendigo started. The rest
is hook, line and sinker.

Since then I have been raiding 2-hand shops for those missing Anders And'er
from my years in exile, ordering Gladstone's and Disney's at bulk-freight from
Fantask (Denmark's most well-known comic-shop) and recently started subscribing
on Swedish Kalle Anka & C:o. Yesterday, my first Norwegian issue arrived.
I'm Back.

I happen to have the Danish publications of most of those upcoming translations
by David Gerstein (Yo, Dave:)

D 10140 "No Dime For Stardom"            - AA 48/90
D 88141 "Sea Struck"                     - AA 38/90
D 90029 "A Case of Too Much Money"       - AA 11/91
D 90192 "Catman vs. The Masked Marauder" - AA 43/91  plot:P.Halas, script:Unn P-P.
D 90218 "For School the Bell Tolls       - AA 33/91  plot & script:Frank Madsen
H 83120 "A Car-Gone Conclusion"          - AA 12B/89
H 86201 "The Clock Watcher"              - AA 47/91

Swedes, Norwegians and even Germans can try a sneak preview...

HELP: (that's an offer)

I have indexes of all the Danish AA&Co, (up to '82 from "Carl Barks & Co.")
The last couple of years are in ASCII, another 10 years is in unintelligible
crayola-on-A4. (I _did_ manage to find those above!) Would you like them
translated? All of them? And should I try to identify ALL the artists, not
just the good (American and Dutch) ones?

HELP: (that's a request)

The German Donald Duck Sonderheft has been running a series called
'Entenhausener Geschichte(n)' (The Duckburg (Hi)story) which are impressingly
informative on Barks' stories.

Chapter 22 (Sonderheft 126) deals with Gyro Gearloose's hammer-on-the-head
as featured in WDC171 and WDC201. More interestingly, it reveals that
Gyro is based on the same character as Gus Goose. In 1937 Barks worked on a 
cartoon, 'The Interior Decorator.' Barks did part of the script and the 
storyboard, and made Gus the always-eater. The project was cancelled due
to a weak story-line, though there were some good gags. Later Gus, who had
gotten a lot fatter, appeared in 'Donald's Cousin Gus.' The original 
'slim-line' version of Gus was later used as a model for Gyro.
Well, it's news to me.

Could anybody in Germany scan these articles and upload them, xerox them for
me, give me an address for subscription or downright sell me some?

I am also interested in subscriptions on Dutch and, possibly, Finnish Donald
Duck weeklies, could anyone help me with that? (and BTW wot's _in_ Finnish
Akku Anka these days? I read that it was high quality in the late 70's.)


-Ole Roc co/ lrn at daimi.aau.dk

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