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Bad stories
About Minnie's nieces, Per wrote:

> Nadir?  I seems like the idea of
> nieces for Minnie has a tendency to appear when bad Mouse stories are
> made.  The only reason this Molly (a single niece) is remembered here
> is because the Norwegian book Donaldismen (The Donaldism) by Jon Gisle
> made her the symbol of the bad stories in Scandinavia in the
> mid-sixties.

David once told me that some D-coded stories were bad... you should see
THESE stories! They appear to have been drawn by Jim Fletcher. Now that
he was described on this list, let's FORGET all about him and continue
with the stories that are really worth talking about...

Good stories
About my favourite stories: I think I once stated that the "Cornelius Coot
statue" story was my favourite 10-page Barks story. I'm not good at explaining

My favourite Gottfredson story is "Medioka". And I chose that story long before
I knew all the backgrounds of it.

My favourite Rosa story is "His Majesty, McDuck", though "Return to Xanadu" is
a close 2nd.

My favourite Jippes story is the one from the very first Gladstone WDC issue,
about the charity club. I think that story deserves a USA reprint in much 
better colouring!

Maybe needless to say: my favourite Disney comic artists are Barks, Jippes, 
Gottfredson, Rosa (in that order).

About me
I'm 31 years old.  I have studied econometrics (with lots of computer
science) at the university of Groningen. I now work at the research
department of the Dutch mail and telephone company (PTT).

As a kid I read more books than comics, but I did read a lot of comics
as well.  I read no super heroes though, what I read was mostly Disney
and European comics like Tintin, Lucky Luke, and Asterix.  Later I added
lots of non-kiddie comics, but that was after reading comic fanzines and
visiting conventions which sort of made me yet more interested in comics in
I was specially interested in Disney (a bit animation, but much more comics),
and I read what I could find on the subject.  The first time I learned
about Carl Barks was in the foreword of the Dutch "Beste Verhalen van 
Donald Duck" #4. One year later, I read the Dutch "Barks Boek" by Rob
Stechweij. It gave a (largely erratic) index on all Barks stories.
Since then, I tried to make my own index, which became computerised in 1983,
and public (on our ftp site) in 1992/1993.

Only in 1986, when I moved from Groningen to Leidschendam (near The Hague),
I found out that in the cities in this area in Holland, there were some
comic specialty shops that sold American comics, like Gladstone comics.

Nowadays I try to read all my Disney material in sequence: when I'm finished
with the last issue, I start again with the first. Such a cycle can take 2 or
3 years...

I have a subscription to the Dutch Donald Duck, and I only buy foreign
Disney comics (German, USA) if they contain interesting stories. Since my
Barks, Jippes and Gottfredson collections are a good as complete, I have much
fun in trying to get a complete Rosa collection.
I try to collect Disney comic stories, but not at all cost: I have a sort of
maximum price per page. If a comic is considered rare and expensive, I try to
get a reprint. I'm collecting comic STORIES, not comic ISSUES.

Other hobbies include reading and geography (which means finding out where
Mount Rosa is etc.)

(Maybe this text looks familiar to you? Discover the differences with Per's!)


Harry Fluks                      ()_()     Dutch Disney comics freak
PTT Research, Leidschendam (NL)   (_)      H.W.Fluks at 
"Yeah... I've _heard_ of coral barques!"
(a quote few people 'outside' understand, but which honours both
Carl and Don. Per once pointed out this joke on this list.)

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