Replies part 7 (final part)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Fri Sep 24 16:13:33 CEST 1993

Ole Reichstein Nielsen (ROC) [Welcome!]:

> I did my first index in '78 and it took another couple of years before I found
> out that it should be titled 'Barks'. 

Back in 1977, I made a list of the best Donald Duck stories I knew then. Later,
12 out of 15 stories came out to be Barks stories (and I only knew stories
from the 60s then!). The others were 2 Strobls and a Hubbard (yes Per, a
HUBBARD story).

> I happen to have the Danish publications of most of those upcoming translations
> by David Gerstein (Yo, Dave:)
> H 83120 "A Car-Gone Conclusion"          - AA 12B/89

Script by Ruud Straatman.

> HELP: (that's an offer)
> I have indexes of all the Danish AA&Co, (up to '82 from "Carl Barks & Co.")
> The last couple of years are in ASCII, another 10 years is in unintelligible
> crayola-on-A4. (I _did_ manage to find those above!) Would you like them
> translated? All of them? And should I try to identify ALL the artists, not
> just the good (American and Dutch) ones?

I LOVE to see indexes! I can't wait to see it, when the ftp site is 'up' 

BTW, about indexes: Fredrik made some contributions to our Disney Comics
index. A new version can be expected next week.

And David is working on a Gottfredson sunday pages index.

> HELP: (that's a request)
> I am also interested in subscriptions on Dutch and, possibly, Finnish Donald
> Duck weeklies, could anyone help me with that? 

I can give you the address of the Dutch editor, but I don't have it here 
right now. Next time.


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