Disney-comics digest #108.

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Fri Sep 24 18:17:33 CEST 1993

	Dear Don (and everyone),

	You asked for critical comments about your stories.  I have to
admit I have very few -- most of which I've already asked about.  But
here's one that's been nagging at me:

	"The Money Pit"'s artwork has mysteriously thicker, blunter
lines in its artwork in many places.  The Ducks also look more
angst-ridden, nervous and harsh than they do most of the time, right
from Donald's picture in the opening splash.  The whole story is just
somehow slightly more abrasive.  (Even the coins in the bin look less
round, in effect "sharper" than usual.)

	This is the only story that I have seen that looks this way.
In contrast to the letter that inspired this one, I actually find War
of the Wendigo to be my *favorite* art among your stories, essentially
because its linework seems smoother and more supple, particularly in
the last few pages.

	Does the "Money Pit" art reflect your general disgust with 
the management at Disney and your doubt that they would "see the
light" and agree
after that to return your art (which was well-founded doubt, as said
management didn't change their ways for approximately 30 months after
that)?  I'm just wondering.

	And... where's the D. U. C. K. on your two published Gladstone
covers so far?  (Well, okay, DDA #23 has been printed now, but hasn't
made it to Williamstown yet)

	I'm also interested in other digest-reader responses to this,
so I'm sending it to the digest in general.


	David Gerstein

	"They can have it!  I'll take vanilla!"
	<David.A.Gerstein at Williams.edu>

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