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rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV (Wilmer Rivers) writes:

> Who at Disney Comics made such a dumb substitution of
> "quail" in place of "eagle"?  The punchline to the whole story was
> thereby rendered completely meaningless (unless you were familiar
> with the original).  If they felt compelled to come up with a substitute
> for "eagle", why didn't they use "buzzard" or some such?  (3) When this
> story is reprinted in Europe, is it still an "eagle" there or does
> Disney require it to be edited?

Dunno about how it was done in the first Swedish publication, but when
it was reprinted in 1968 they used "vulture". I like that -- it sounds
even less eatable than "eagle".

More interesting is perhaps the fact that the main story in US64 (July
1966) has *never* been printed here, presumably for political reasons.
I haven't read it myself, but I've been told that the plot takes place
in some part of the world with a rather striking resemblance to Vietnam...

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