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Anders E.: 
> More interesting is perhaps the fact that the main story in US64 (July
> 1966) has *never* been printed here, presumably for political reasons.
> I haven't read it myself, but I've been told that the plot takes place
> in some part of the world with a rather striking resemblance to Vietnam...

That same story ("Treasure of Marco Polo") was never printed in Holland,
*until* 1992. Last year, they managed to reprint it in the Dutch "all Barks
stories" series. It is the ONLY story that has not been printed in the
_regular_ Disney issues.

The story leads the Ducks to Unsteadystan, where a civil war is going on.
Scrooge helps the "rightful" person (prince Char Ming) to regain the throne.
It is not explained why the revolutionaries are in war, they're just BAD. And
the prince is just GOOD, because he is the traditional (hence rightful?)
leader of the country.

Dorfman and Mattelart criticized this story a lot in their book "How to read
Donald Duck" (a socialist view on Disney comics).

Dutch subscriptions
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