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Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Thu Sep 30 23:17:18 CET 1993

Don Rosa wrote:
>I have returned from Norway

Welcome back! If you will; tell us more about it. Where did you go?
What did you do? Who did you meet?

>I still want to hear from Fredrik about the art in "War of the
>Wendigo" that wasn't so good. I NEED to know this stuff!

Who? Me? *picture one very confused student here* I can't remember
ever writing something like that. Then, of course, I may have forgotten
all about it. Actually, I just went home and re-read the story to be
able to answer that and if I indeed DID write that, I must have had a
change of mind since. I could unfortunately only find parts one and
three in my somewhat unordered collection, but in those two, I could
only find two pictures that I didn't like. Part one, page four, panel
four: Donald tries to sneak away from Scrooge. Now, I don't know quite
what a sneaking duck should look like, but this certainly is *not* it!
Donald's legs even appear to be of different length... Part three, the
very last panel: The animals saluting Scrooge look, well, just a little
silly. Merely details of course. On the other hand, many of the forest
scenes are very beautiful and the climactic ending is nothing short of
brilliant. Especially, I like the picture where Scrooge says "I'll do it
myself!". There'll be no spoilers here, I just hope that all of you will
eventually get the chance to read this one.

On the other hand, I MAY have said that I didn't think the art quite as
good as some of your other stories and that is certainly true! Compared
to my favourite, "Son of the Sun", "Wendigo" is a lot more polished, but
it doesn't have the same vitality. Please don't ask me what I mean by
that, I'm not even quite sure myself.

And now; time for an abrupt change of subject.

Harry and I recently joined forces to produce a American-Dutch-Scandi-
navian William Van Horn index, similar to the Rosa index. I have sent
this to Per and he has just added it to the FTP archive. Therefore, it
won't be necessary to post the entire index here, but I will include
the final part about what is yet to be done. I hope that some other
members out there will have some of this information and is willing to
provide it. There is yet no official "maintainer" of this index, but
send any info along to either me or Harry and we'll make sure it is in-
cluded in due time. Of course, any information about publication in
other countries is more than welcome, but will currently have to be put
in a separate list, as the format currently does not allow for any such

>Left to do:
>The American info is NOT complete. Publishing of the D-codes and any
>K-codes not on this list, covers, titles, etc. still need to be done.
>Scripters, where not WVH himself, may be missing for some stories.
>Is the Scandinavian information complete and correct? What about Norway
>and Denmark?
>What is the Norwegian/Danish title for "Disney's TV-serier"?

And about Van Horn; did someone post a file with some info on him
recently? Or is that just my imagination? I have some faint recollection
of reading something about when he is born, where he lives, et c. Anyway,
I would be very interested in any such information. Also; has he done
any comics before starting to work for Gladstone?


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