Donald Duck Adventures 27

Mark Semich mas at
Wed Apr 6 05:29:07 CEST 1994

I went into my local comic book store today to pick up Uncle Scrooge
286 (It's already on the way, David.. :-) ), and while I was on my way
out, the guy behind the counter showed me a letter that he had
received from Pat Block.

I don't remember the details of the missive, but the long and the
short of it was that Pat appeared to be doing a mass-mailing to
various comic book stores, explaining that he was a new Western Donald
Duck/Uncle Scrooge artist.  He included a xerox copy of the cover to
DDA 27 with his letter (BTW, his work looks *very* nice, but
unfortunately he draws the ducks with extremely short bills.)

In the letter, he asked if the comic book store would be interested in
having him appear for an autograph session and he also offered to
supply the store with pre-autographed copies of DDA 27 for its
customers.  I found this to be extremely interesting, as I've never
known of any disney artist to engage in self promotion.  I hope it
works out for him - it's a good idea for him to have his *own* supply
of DDA 27's, as most stores don't seem to have many Gladstones in

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