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>It may be true that you did stories in fanzines 15 years ago and 
>nobody seemed to care.  However, I assert that your name is far better
>known now than it was then.  Certainly that is the case in Europe.
>I submit that if you started to do stories of your own characters now,
>they would sell better than they did 15 years ago.
>Who heard of Todd McFarlane before he did Spider-man?  Using his reputation
>from that comic, he started Spawn.  I'm advocating that you do the same
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Although I've never seen your work in the fanzines, may I ask you what
they were about?  If by any chance they were about anthromorphic
animals, there is a market out there.  God knows how much I love your
ducks, Usagi and the TMNT. 

Maybe you can give it a try with a sample of your work at some indy
company.  How about...Dark Horse; seems they'll print anything with some
quality to it and you have to admit that you have a talent.  We'll never
know until you try it.


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