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Fri Apr 8 23:43:20 CEST 1994

	Dear Folks,

	Gladstone's first year is a mere three comics from being over.
Since I won't have so much time left before the end of my school-year
(and easy E-Mail access) at the point that those three have come out,
I'm commencing the following project now.

	This is a poll concerning readers' reactions to Gladstone's
comics.  I'll be fashioning the results into a document which I'll make
sure the editors at Gladstone receive.  I beg you to write answers to
each of my questions which are as long, as complimentary, or as
critical as you want;  the answers will appear anonymously to protect
the innocent, with contributors' names -- separated from their
comments -- all listed at the end of the document.

	I'm hoping to get your answers by the end of April, which
gives us a little over three weeks.  I'M HOPING THAT EVERYONE, LURKERS

	Send your responses directly to me, folks.  The e-mail address
is:  David.A.Gerstein at

	The questions pertain to Gladstone's six normal comics only.
Albums are not included (unless relevant to question #14).

	And the questions are:

	* * * * * *

	1.  List Gladstone's six comics in order by favorite, and
explain (if you want) why each title is ranked as it is.  To make
things easier, no need to choose just one as the best or worst: list
them in the following groups of two.
		a.  Your favorite two Gladstone comics
		b.  The "middle" two comics
		c.  Your least favorite two comics

	2.  Describe your favorite new story (or old story not
previously published in the U. S.) that Gladstone has printed, and why
it was your favorite.  This includes all foreign stories.

	3.  Describe your favorite old story (that is, having
previously appeared in America) that Gladstone has printed.  Why was
it your favorite?

	4.  Describe least favorite new story (same qualifications as

	5.  Describe least favorite old story, which has previously
appeared in the U. S., that Gladstone has used.

	6.  Which modern creator(s) would you most like to see more from?  
(Note:  Don Rosa doesn't qualify -- sorry, Don! -- because Gladstone 
already seems to have a policy of printing everything he does.
Scarpa, Rota, and Jaime Diaz count in this category even though many
of their stories are old, because the current stories by them are
being published here for the first time.)

	7.  Which modern creator(s) would you most like to see less
from?  (Same qualifications as #6)

	8.  Which creator of "vintage" American stories would you 
most like to see more work by?  If you have comments about more than 
one artist, feel free to express them.

	9.  Which creator(s) of "vintage" American stories would you
like to see less work by?

	10.  Who are your favorite and least favorite letterers?

	11.  Who are your favorite and least favorite colorists?

	12.  Describe your favorite and least favorite Disney comic
characters, who you would most like to see more appearances by, and
who you'd like to see less. 

	13.  Any other comments about Gladstone's comics which you
would like to share with them here?

	14.  Do you have a single favorite comic that Gladstone has
published?  If so, which one, and why?

	* * * * *

	I'm awaiting your replies, folks.

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein
	<David.A.Gerstein at>

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