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Mon Apr 11 04:46:18 CEST 1994

>Now that you mention it, that is one thing I miss in Gladstone comics.  I 
>suppose they decided to go with what the think will sell the best, but it 
>would be nice to see some of the other characters that have graced the 
>pages of WDC&S over the years.  Lil Bad Wolf, Lil Hiawatha, Chip 'n' Dale, 
>and Scamp come to mind.  Another character I'd like to see is Bucky Bug, 
>though I'm not so sure if I like the character as much as I like the 
>idea--a world unknown to us that exists right under our feet.  For the same 
>reason I was fascinated by Warner Bros. Mary Jane and Sniffles as well as 
>Walt Scot's Little People.  I'm not so sure, though, that today's kids 
>would be so impressed.

Is Gladstone allowed to publish these characters?  I seem to recall that the
Disney stable of characters was split between Gladstone (classic characters?),
and Disney/Marvel (film characters?).

I would assume that Lil Bad Wolf and Winnie the Pooh could be used by

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