Disney-comics digest #296.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Apr 11 05:30:47 CEST 1994

	Your #1: I don't know what had you confused about Angus/Pothole?
On the very first page of the story I clearly show, when $crooge asks
someone about an Angus McDuck, that this is someone known on the
Mississippi as "Pothole" McDuck. How could I have done it more clearly?
A Pothole is the American steamboat-era name for a basin in the river
mud caused by swirling currents -- surely this is not a name a Scots
couple would give their child upon birth. I felt it was obvious that I
had to take one moment out to show that this had to be a nickname.
	What about other names like Swamphole or such? If I ever, for
some reason (and I'm sure I won't (?)), did a story all about Sir
Swamphole McDuck, I'm sure I'd find a way to briefly point out that a
name like "Swamphole" must be a nickname. How could it not be?
	#2 - CHECK! Those FLESH colored false teeth looked rather
disturbing to me, too! I'm surprised that Sue D-L would make a mistake
like that, unless she isn't so much a Barks buff as a fine colorist.
Hadn't she read Lo$ part 1?  You might also notice that she didn't
color any of the boats or clothing correctly compared to the old Barks
riverboat story -- even though they DID color those last two panels on
my text-page correctly. Speaking of those two panels, you can see that
I changed $crooge's attire slightly from that old Barks tale -- $crooge
would not have had his glasses or his spats in 1880. Also, the
lettering of the riverboat names didn't match the old story either, but
big deal.
	 #3 - I know the problem you refer to about these off-register
colors in a few recent issues... but my U$ #286 was just fine. You got
a bad'n.
	#4 - Ah, YES! I DID notice my own mistake about the owner of
the "heirloom watch". But the mistake was IN MY TEXT, not in the story.
What makes you so certain the mistake was in the story, even when you
say you can't recall the Barks original without checking back? In the
"Heirloom Watch" story, Barks/$crooge says the watch has been in his
family for two hundred years, and that it belonged to his grandfather's
grandfather. In Lo$ #1 I show Fergus saying the watch was his
great-grandfather's. Bingo -- Seafoam McDuck, right on the nose. All we
know from "The Heirloom Watch" was that the RUBY EYE belonged to
Quagmire McDuck, Fergus' uncle, already dead by 1877 (but whose estate
was tied up by this Swindle McSue stuff). Also, in case it's just
occured to you, "Seafoam" is another obvious nickname for a McDuck who
went to sea; my family tree shows his name to be Hugh McDuck.
	In other words, I have had all this intricately worked out for
YEARS. You won't be able to catch me so easilly.
	#6 - I know of no instance where the pig-villains that Barks
used numerous times have ever had the same name, or even the same last
name, twice. Am I wrong? Even when Barks used the last name of McViper a
few times, though I believe it was only by chance and not design, I
worked "the McViper Clan" into the Lo$ just to please anyone who would
pop up and say "what about his first meeting with the McVipers?". So
they appear in parts 3 and 11. But I don't know anything about a pig
named Argus McSwine having appeared twice -- which issues were these?
	The pig-villain who was destroying forests in "The War of the
Wendigo" was (in my script) Ravage DeFlora. Heh, heh.

	By the way, I just noticed that Egmont must have removed the
manufacturer's name from the plate on safe aboard the Drennan Whyte...
I should've known this and had Gladstone replace it: "Oso Safe Co.",
just like $crooge used later.

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