Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Mon Apr 18 13:37:02 CEST 1994

Harry wrote:
> Comics databases
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Torsten:
> > Announcing the GRAND COMICS DATABASE
> [...]
> I planned to react, but haven't (yet). I'm not sure these people would
> be interested in Disney (or other funny animal) stuff. The superhero
> world is quite distinct from 'our' world. But maybe they at least
> ought to know that we HAVE an index.

Well, I've been in touch with him and he seemed to be interested. It's
probably a safe guess, however, that superheroes are priority one. And
there's no need for you to contact him. I gave him your address and he
will contact you if he really is interested.

>Disney newspaper strips

About the newspaper strips; before Christmas they published a daily
Beauty and the Beast in a regional newspaper here in Blekinge, Sweden.
Perhaps this is just some spin-off or daily publication of the Sunday
Christmas Tales?


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