Disney-comics digest #304.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Apr 19 05:51:34 CEST 1994

	Yes, you are very correct in your analysis of what I did with
the Lo$. Chapter 8 was the CLIMAX (in the Shakespearean sense)...
chapters 10 & particularly 11 are the "falling action". In other words,
I built $crooge up to his PEAK of strength and perfection in chapter 8,
but chapter 11 shows his near-downfall due to "the dark side of the
force" of finally becoming as successful at everything he does, as he
had been UNsuccessful prior to the Yukon. Bombie the Zombie is his
punishment which haunts him for decades.
	No, the Lo$ does not end up as being autobiographical. $crooge
wouldn't want anyone to know all this stuff about him... especially the
parts you're seeing in these last two chapters.
	And I thank you for your suggestion of how to make extra $ off
the sale of expensive posters. But, I'm not sure I follow -- are you
saying that I could avoid problems with Disney if these posters did not
include their Ducks? Of course I'd avoid problems with Disney. I'd also
avoid problems with anyone BUYING the posters... and before that, I'd
avoid problems in that I'd find no one interested in producing such
posters. I mean, without the Disney Ducks, what would be the point?
	And I thank the other nice person who suggested I could collect
a royalty off my text pieces. But again... Gladstone would avoid this by
not using my text pieces any longer. The thing you nice folks don't seem
to grasp is that neither Gladstone nor Egmont are TRYING to find a
system by which they would HAVE to pay me more money! No publisher WANTS
to pay royalties -- but they find they MUST in order to get the work
they want. Gladstone and Egmont MUST pay royalties to Disney to use my
work (or any Disney stuff)... but they do not need to pay ME, so they'd
be foolish to figure out a way to compel themselves to do so. Any Disney
freelancer is free from the worry of ever receiving royalties for his
work... that's why you only see the work coming from art studios in
Chile and Spain and Italy and other economically primitive countries.
That's why somebody like Daan Jippes got OUT of it a decade or two ago.

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