Rosa, Jippes, and others

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Tue Apr 19 10:00:33 CEST 1994

> Any Disney freelancer is free from the worry of ever receiving royalties
> for his work... [...]
> That's why somebody like Daan Jippes got OUT of it a decade or two ago.

Jippes left the Dutch comic business in 1982 and went to the USA to get an
even less rewarding job at Disney. He did the Gladstone covers in his own
time, and the payment was welcome. In 1991-1993, he re-inked those Barks 
Woodchuck stories because *he needed the money*!

Jippes' motivation has always been artistically: he (thought he) could develop
his artistic skills at Disney better than in Holland. He didn't know much of
the USA Disney company then...

BTW, about Dutch artists: a lot of Dutch artists (and writers) started at 
Disney (Oberon, Holland), worked there a few years, and then started a 
comic on their own. Famous (well, in Holland...) examples are Robert van
der Kroft and Hanco Kolk. But they don't have the Disney-comics-attraction
that some of the other artists I know have...

A different question: Don, have you ever considered only *writing* Duck comic


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