FTP updates: "oils" and "don-rosa.index".

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue Apr 19 12:08:21 CEST 1994

There are two recent updates to the Disney comics ftp archive in
pub/comics/disney at ftp.lysator.liu.se.

1. "oils" listing Barks's oil paintings with Disney motifs has been
updated by David.  He corrected and added some information, and
introduced entries showing when older paintings have been reissued as
lithographs.  Among other things he corrected the info on An
Astronomical Predicament, which in this file was believed to be the
painting on the cover of a Gladstone album.  In fact the cover of
Gladstone Giant Album #5 is a preliminary version of a painting for
which the final draft was never done, so it's not mentioned in this
list.  I added a note about this (with David's wording) at the end of
the "oils" file.  When sending me this David also asked me why the
earlier paintings' titles are given in only lower-case.  That's
because Harry typed them in that way.  The inconsistency was because I
didn't keep writing it that way when I added new stuff.  I've inserted
some caps here and there now, to avoid that inconsistency.

2. "don-rosa.index" with an index on Don Rosa's comics and covers with
Disney characters has been updated by Mikko and Harry.  Info on
Finnish reprints are added, as well as some info on different versions
of some of Don's comics and covers.  Harry also wrote that he
corrected the info the story Don wrote (but didn't draw) for DuckTales
Magazine.  Earlier it said

27  KJ004/1 DTM 17-18/909                    4  DT Back in Time for a Dime! [art JD]

but now it just says

27  K...    DTM ..                           4  DT Back in Time for a Dime! [art JD]

Was that code and issue of DTM wrong?
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