Disney-comics digest #304.

James Williams James_Williams at ESS.NIAID.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Tue Apr 19 15:22:39 CEST 1994

>I hope to answer a lot of these questions exactly when I have finished
>the Disney comics database.  From my mind, there are or have been at
>least the following Disney newspaper strips:

Harry, thanks for the reply.

>- Silly Symphonies, sunday. Featured a lot of different "sub-series", like
>	Donald Duck (Taliaferro), Hiawatha (Grant), Panchito (Murry),
>	Joe Carioca (Murry), Pluto, Bambi. 

Who is Grant?  I don't recognize that artists name.  Likewise, I'm not
familiar with characters called Panchito or Joe Carioca.  Who are they?

>- Christmas tales, sunday. Only in Chistmas time (November/December). All 
>	kinds of characters, like Dumbo, Peter Pan, Cinderella etc.

Interesting.  I'm surprised these never showed up in the Christmas specials
printed by Gladstone and Disney.


Since no one else has the time, I volunteer to write the FAQ.  For now,
all I need is for each of you to post to the list which questions you
think should be contained in the FAQ.

James Williams

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