Disney newspaper strips

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Tue Apr 19 15:14:37 CEST 1994

> Who is Grant?

Bob Grant drew a lot of newspaper strips (including Hiawatha, and the animal
gags David was talking about). I don't think he did anything in comic books.

> I'm not familiar with characters called Panchito or Joe Carioca.

Joe (Jose) Carioca is a Brazilian parrot, first seen in the film 'Saludos
Amigos'. He is still quite popular in Holland, and he has his own comic
in Brazil.
Panchito is a Mexican bird, he joined Donald and Joe in the film 'The Three

They can both be found in Walt Kelly's version of The Three Caballeros, in
Disney Comics' comic WDC 282 + 283, or in Gladstone's WDC Digest 1.

> >- Christmas tales
> Interesting.  I'm surprised these never showed up in the Christmas specials
> printed by Gladstone and Disney.

The quality of these stories is not quite.. ehm.. 

> Since no one else has the time, I volunteer to write the FAQ.

Great! David Gerstein posted a question list a few months ago; maybe 
he (or I) can dig it up.
And have a look (at least) at the README files on "our" ftp site. A lot of
answers are already there (but not as structured as we would like...).


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