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Wed Apr 20 12:37:41 CEST 1994

On Tue, 19 Apr 1994, James Williams wrote:

> >- Silly Symphonies, sunday. Featured a lot of different "sub-series", like
> >	Donald Duck (Taliaferro), Hiawatha (Grant), Panchito (Murry),
> >	Joe Carioca (Murry), Pluto, Bambi. 
> Who is Grant?  I don't recognize that artists name.  Likewise, I'm not
> familiar with characters called Panchito or Joe Carioca.  Who are they?

Panchito and Jose Carioca is the supporting cast of Donald duck's various 
adventures in south america. A rooster and a parrot from The Three 
Caballeros (1945) and Saludos Amigos (1943), both Donald Duck features.

As for the FAQ, what about these:

Who's that Carl Barks dude you're always talking about? Didn't Walt Disney 
draw all those comics?  Who's Don Rosa? Al Taliaferro? William van Horn? 
Daniel Atterbom? Egmont? Paul Murry?

All these funny numbers in these comics, what do they mean?

Hey! I found a D.U.C.K Don signature! is there more? I couldn't find more 
in any comics i looked in! Where are they? I can't find it in Tailspin?


Some ideas, perhaps?

	Steamboat Willie


... Does The Little Mermaid wear an algebra?


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