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David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at
Mon Apr 25 21:19:57 CEST 1994

	Dear Folks,

	About two months ago the digest contained my review of the
current MM Sunday strip.  Now rec.arts.comics recently had a poll of
strips, rated 1-10, out of ALL known currently-syndicated strips.  (10
was the best.)

	At the end of the result announcement, they named the Ten
Worst Strips among those that more than ten people had voted on.
Among those came, unsurprisingly:

Vote     (Mean)       Standard
Count    Average      Deviation
   13    2.00+-1.87   0.92        Mickey Mouse

	And among those that fewer than ten had voted on:

    1    1.00         0.00        Donald Duck

	If it's any consolation, Aladdin (which apparently is now a
daily strip!) did far worse than MM... although slightly better 
than DD.

	Considering how bad the MM newspaper strip was when I saw it,
I don't even think I want to SEE what has been done to our favorite
Ducks.... although I think one clue is the Sunday strips that they
reprint on the backs of Donald Duck Orange Juice cartons.

	Ah, my Computer Science instructor just walked by this
terminal.  He looked at what I was typing and agreed with me on the
low standard of the current MM strip (which he got, in some obscure
paper, when staying in LA last year).  "It's aimed at four-year-olds,"
was his comment.

	I bet poor Floyd is turning over in his grave.  Disney sure
knows how to sell something short.

	David Gerstein
	<David.A.Gerstein at>

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