Mickey Mystery and Pocket Books

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Sun Dec 4 19:12:52 CET 1994

Mickey Mystery
I took a closer look on them. There seem to be two artists. Not too
different, but one of them is, IMNSHO, better than the other. The 
better one is the one who has _not_ drawn that farm story. The better
one is, among other things, much better in drawing fur and hair.
None of them is Ferioli, BTW. His Mickey has a much bigger head.
     Ah, why did I mention Ferioli? Well, his, and these two artists,
mice aren't that different. They all seem to follow this "new" way of
drawing Mickey. 

Pocket Books
Earlier this year someone (must have been Harry) mentioned an Italian 
story with Carl Barks. This story was, as far as I remember, published 
in the German book #192 (or something close to that). The same story was
published in the Norwegian #152 (#160 was published a couple of weeks
ago). So: Are the German books smaller than the Norwegian, or are there
a lot of books that are skipped, or something, here in Norway?
The Norwegian books have 256 pages. For a short period they had 264

BTW: I was wrong when I said that we have about 700 regular pages a
month here in Norway -- it's closer to 850.


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