More of Scrooge's surplus rubbish

Mon Dec 5 18:58:15 CET 1994

      Some more stuff for Don:

      A)  Scrooge's itching powder from WDC&S 104.
      B)  Scrooge's disguises from WDC&S 159.
      C)  That newspaper announcing Flintheart Glomgold as the 
world's richest duck, which Scrooge found in US 15 (that is, if he 
didn't tear it up).  Perhaps with a note taped to it, "Problem taken  
care of," or some such.
      D)  A sign from when Scrooge ran for treasurer in US 8.
      E)  A sign from when Scrooge ran for mayor (and failed) in 
WDC&S 199 (or wherever, I mean the smoke story).
      F)  That rock with the moss on it from the Unicorn story, but 
with more of the moss eaten off than before.
      G)  Do I recall some story in which Scrooge was paid for 
something in (you name the island)'s currency, that being huge, stone 
wagon wheels?  I wouldn't put that in my money bin if I might clonk 
my head on it while swimming.  Better put it here.  Or maybe that was 
a Van Horn story?
      H)  A book on cormorant language from when Scrooge was a yak 
      I)  A pile of valueless Castrovian Rubleniks (US 36).
      J)  Scrooge's OLD glasses from prior to "The Money Well."
      K)  One of the sagging bags that got McDuck's Baghdad bag 
factory in bad with the Bagdad bigdads (US 65).
      L)  The disguise Scrooge wore in Unsteadystan, US 64.
      M)  The doctored newspaper announcing fish being used for 
money, OS 456.
      N)  Metal wreckage left over from briefly having the money bin on 
wheels (in that 4-pager about the virtues of 'progress').
      O)  The old flags from when Scrooge created McDuckland (US 14, 
YOUR story, Don.)
      P)  The used cannon ball that wrecked the safe in WDC&S 134.  
Scrooge would never get rid of a cannon ball that had been returned 
to him when he might be able to use it again.  But I think this is 
going a little bit off the deep end.
      Q)  That money-sorting machine from the cover of US 11.  I 
can't imagine Scrooge would have kept using THAT for long.
      R)  The bike-saucer U$ bought from Gyro in "The Stubborn 

      Just what is this story about?  And how are you going to deal 
with all of this debris?  Is it just background gags for the story, 
or something more for it?

      David Gerstein
      "Are you sure that what you saw wasn't a flying saucer?  Or a 
few pig-faced purple people eaters?"
      <9475609 at>

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