model ducks

Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Mon Dec 5 22:19:44 CET 1994

Jorgen writes:
> Last night I made a "model" in plastilin of Uncle Scrooge dressed like a 
> knight. I tried to make him exactly like Don's small drawing on the front
> cover of the latest Uncle Scrooge (adding one dimension, though). The 
> body was quite easy. Lots of lovely details to put on the model, but the
> expression in the face was quite difficult. Well, just a few more heads... 

Hey Jorgen, have you ever considered creating duck bookends, like those
that Don invented for the 60th birthday story?  Why, you could even sell
them to the rest of us on this list!  Everybody would want a set!  And
I'm **certain** that the Walt Disney Corporation wouldn't mind at all!
:)  :)   :)

Wilmer Rivers

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