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Tue Dec 6 12:39:31 CET 1994

      Hi, folks.

JORGEN:  According to what I'm told by Egmont, you're right about 
Vicar.  His studio consists of himself as penciller and others doing 
the inking, at least most of the time.  A good way to tell the inkers 
apart is how some of them give all the ducks pie-eyes, some give 
them only to Donald, and some give them to nobody at all.  The second 
of the above three (or maybe there's more than one for each style!) 
inks HDL with very little distinction, IMHO.  As you might guess it's 
harder to tell the inkers apart when a story doesn't include HDL.

DON:  What about having the voodoo doll from "Voodoo Hoodoo" in 
Scrooge's refuse pile?  Or did Donald bring it with him on his 
meeting with Foola Zoola, upon which it was taken from him by said 
villain?  I cannot check now, as both my 1949 and 1988 editions of 
"Voodoo Hoodoo" are safely ensconced 8,000 miles from here.

MIKE:  Vicar isn't Italian.  He works for Egmont, and the 
most-recently published story of his in a Gladstone comic was "Tour 
de Jour" in DDA 29 (story: Rawson+McGreal).  The guy who draws the 
ducks' eyes so that they don't look whole isn't Italian either, if 
you mean who I think you do.  Both Ben Verhagen, who works over in 
Holland, and Pat Block, who works for Gladstone, use VERY big 
pie-cuts in the Ducks' eyes sometimes so that they have that look of 
being in two halves.  The last story of each respectively were "The 
Hoard at the Rainbow's End" (DDA 25, story: Jan Kruse) and "Too Late 
for Christmas" (DDA 30, story: Ron Fernandez).  Maybe one of these 
guys is who you meant.  But neither of them is Italian.
      Sorry I can't refer you to recent Finnish Vicar publications.  
But if your comics are anything like the British ones, the two most 
recent examples of his work would be the one about DD as a soccer 
coach, and another one called "The Gourmet Club."  I don't know when 
Verhagen's stories last appeared in Finnish, or any Egmont, DD 
weeklies.  "Bugged by Humbuggery" appeared in No. 27/1992 in Germany, 
I think.  I don't think Pat Block's stories have appeared in foreign 
countries.  Too soon, yet.

      David Gerstein
      "One more crack like that, and I'll turn YOU into a McDuck 
Gourmet Meal!"
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