Two in One

Erik Corry erik at
Wed Dec 7 00:44:07 CET 1994

David Gerstein wrote (ages ago):

> [...]  Yep, I'm excited to announce that "Two in One" (D93138) is my 
> own creation, and I couldn't be happier with how Daniel Branca drew 
> it.  I'd like to know what issues this story has appeared in in other 
> European countries.  More important, I'd also be tickled to know how 
> the title -- and Magica's incantation at the bottom of page two -- 
> translates in other languages.

It has finally appeared in the German weekly this week. The title is
"Die doppelte Hexe" - possibly a reference to "Das doppelte Lottchen",
a very popular children's film about twins. Though if this was intended,
"Die doppelte Gundel" would seem more fitting. The incantation is:

Die Krone aller Hexerei, das ist der Spruch... [Bizzel!] ...aus
eins mach zwei!

Ever since I read this in the Danish issue, I've been trying to remember
where I've seen the idea with the virus - it's some Disney film with
a battle between Mim and Merlin.

Also in this issue, the second part of D93063 - the hotel-fishing
story. Maybe there should be a ban at Egmont on new Mickey and
Goofy stories in which M&G are tied up, but manage to untie them-
selves just in time to prevent the villains from doing their dirty
stuff/getting away. I remember finding this hackneyed when I was
10. There must be dozens and dozens of stories with this in.

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