Disney-comics digest #513.

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Wed Dec 7 03:42:45 CET 1994

 72> ROBERT:
 72> Good junk-closet suggestions, particularly the old coffee cups
 72> -- those are favorite old gag pages.
 72> DAVID:

        Hello,  my  name  is Robert Wright (call me Bob) and I'm new to the
digest.  Long time Barks fan, comics collector, father of at least 3  Uncle
Scrooge  fans,  auto mechanic by trade.  Nice to be here.  Does anyone know
if Alberto Becattini has an Email address? Thanks.

        Nice to see you again.  I still don't know how  you  got  an  Email
from  me  last week, as I sent none.  Someone must have fowarded my request
for this digest.

        I couldn't find your D.U.C.K. on  the  "Land  Beneath  the  Ground"
cover.  Was it there?

        Having  just  joined the digest, I missed the "junk list".  Was the
golden coat from US #12 included?

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