Disney-comics digest #520.

Bob Wright ARCHIMEDES at delphi.com
Tue Dec 13 05:20:28 CET 1994

DAVID:   It is the "good deeds" story in  WDCS  34  (did  I  say  31?)  I'm
referring to.  I don't have an original, so I've no way to check it out.  I
do  have  an  FC 238, but haven't received my Gladstone DDA album yet. I'll
note the changes you list.  I get my books via mail order,  and  have  been
flying blind ever since the discussion on US 290 began.

KARL:      I remember wondering about those pistols from the Murray stories
also.  I think they are patterned after the  Colt  Model  1911  or  variant
therof.   Note  the  exaggerated  external  hammer and ejection slot on the
right side of the weapon.  The only part that doesn't fit the  Colt  design
is  the  barrel extending beyond the end of the slide.  A 1911 does do this
when fired, as the recoil moves the slide rearward, extending the barrel.

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