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Wilmer Rivers rivers at seismo.CSS.GOV
Wed Dec 14 06:57:07 CET 1994

I would like to endorse Don Rosa's expression of enjoyment at this
excellent electronic fanzine, and I would therefore like to express
special thanks to the man who made - and still makes - it all
possible, namely Per Starback!  Thanks, Per, for all your efforts
at keeping the e-mail coming, in spite of every day's changes in the
topology of the Internet.  As for Don's comments that some people
have trouble finding this most excellent rest stop along the Information
Superhighway, I suppose it is up to us on the list to help make other
Disney comics fans aware of it.  To that end, I would suggest that we
plant road signs wherever we can (as has been done with periodic
messages on rec.arts.comics.misc and rec.arts.disney.misc, hasn't it?).
I have made a miniscule contribution by adding hypertext links from my
home page ( to both this
mailing list (mailto:disney-comics-request at and to
the excellent World-Wide Web(foot) home page which Per has set up for
this group (
I would suggest that everyone else on the list do likewise, to help
get the word out.  Perhaps including the list's e-mail address in any
letters that we write to comics publications such as CBG or Disney
comics' own letter columns would be helpful.  I suspect that in the
future **all** fanzines will be e-zines, but none will be nicer to
read than this one!

Wilmer Rivers

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